Reinhardt Art on Instagram

Reinhardt University Art Department now has an Instagram page!  We will be updating student artwork and showing off all the amazing work coming from our department.  Click link here or search reinhardt_art_dept on Instagram.  Thanks



Mask photo night at Lake Mullenix

Once again, Halloween came early to the ART 261: Digital Photography class. Our evening session modeled a few of my new masks. The photo session took place at Lake Mullenix behind the Fincher Visual Arts Center.  Thanks to Heather Stafford and Karley Harmon for modeling for the class –jym

rachel croce
photo by Rachel Croce
cassie strickland
photo by Cassie Strickland
photo by Karley Harmon
karley harmon
photo by Karley Harmon
karley harmon2
photo by Karley Harmon
heather stafford1
photo by Heather Stafford
photo by Cassie Strickland
kristina jones
photo by Kristina Jones
photo by Jym Davis
hannah mckinley
photo by Hannah McKinley


Senior Show Part Two

Congratulations to graduating seniors Jon O’Quinn, Clayton Smith, Chelsea Schofield, Carl Edouard, and Micah Dozier.  Their art will be on display at the Fincher Art Center at Reinhardt University for the next week.

Jon O’Quinn with his digital illustrations


Chelsea Schofield with her photography


Carl Edouard with his drawings


Micah Dozier with his photography


Clayton Smith with his stencil paintings

Senior Art Show opening night

Congratulations to senior art majors Katie Hale, Lindsay New, Sarah Ellis, Becca Brooks, and Taylor Baker.  Their art show will be on display for the next week at the Fincher.  The next group of seniors will display their work on Thursday, April 13th.  It has been a privilege to teach such a great group of students!

Katie Hale and her photography

group 2

Lindsay New and her photography

lindsay new

sarah 2
Sarah Ellis




Becca Brooks and her digital artwork


Taylor Baker and his watercolors

Skateboard assignment

One of my favorite assignments in ART 320 is the skateboard project.  Students are given blank decks and asked to come up with a design using the unique shape and contour of the surface.  Decks are then hand-painted using Acrylic or Oil.  Before applying paint the students prime the wood grain with clear Acrylic gesso.  Here are some student examples from previous years…
IMG_9973matt luceskateboardsluke-boardart installation decks 2014

False Face art showing opening

Opening night for False Face: An Art Show About Masked Identities at The Fincher Visual Arts Center.  Thank you to participating artists and everyone who came out for support.

False Face: An Art Show About Masked Identities

Please join us Thursday, October 27th between 6:00 and 9:00 PM for our show opening.  There will be food and a reception at the Fincher Visual Arts Center.  The show features seven artists working in a variety of mediums exploring the concept of disguised identity or ‘false faces’.  The show will run from October 27 to November 17.

About the Artists: William Haun, a photographer from West Africa, is documenting the little known tribal “Doorudoo” tradition where masked men participate in a dance off.  Talaina Fisher is a digital artist from Arizona who uses digital manipulation to create otherworldly and atmospheric images.  Brett Mullinix, Art Dept. Chair at Reinhardt University, will be presenting recent collage works that explore notions of spatial perception and memory that often use historical imagery and humor in order to challenge notions of content. Jym Davis, also a Professor at Reinhardt, is presenting hand-made Paper-mache masks and modeled photographs from his 2016 National Park Artist-In-Residency in Arizona. Katie Rita is a hand-poke tattoo artist from Olympia, Washington who works in large scale mural and painting.  Em Harris is a ceramicist who is displaying a series of beautiful glazed masks.  Tyler Gill is a photographer and Reinhardt Instructor who specializes in traditional darkroom artwork.

Directions to the Fincher Visual Arts Center from the main entrance on Reinhardt’s campus (off Hwy. 140 / Reinhardt College Parkway).  Follow the highlighted route.  Parking available at the Arts Center: