Congratulations Senior Art Majors

The Spring of 2016 was a big semester for our Art and Graphic Design majors.  We inducted 19 students into the Kappa Pi international art honors fraternity.  This was our largest induction group ever.  Reinhardt University Kappa Pi President Melissa Martinez oversaw the induction ceremony.  IMG_9353

Kappa Pi 2016 inductees

In addition to our Kappa Pi induction we also had four successful senior art shows at the Fincher Art Building featuring seven graduates.  These shows included a wide variety of themes and media, ranging from traditional darkroom photography to painting, screen printing, ceramics, and digital illustration.

Em Harris, Kelsey Swofford, and Melissa Martinez at their art show opening
Ceramic heads by Em Harris
Opening night for Kelsey Swofford, Em Harris, & Melissa Martinez
Jamie Corrado with her hand dyed & screen printed shirts
Greek Goddess paintings by Emily Bowman


Hestia – Greek Goddess by Emily Bowman

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