Masks, Smoke, & Lights at Lake Mullenix

Halloween came early to the ART 261: Digital Photography class. Our evening session focused on one of my favorite props: masks.  It is great having green fields and Lake Mullenix behind the Fincher Art Building at Reinhardt University.  It is an ideal photographic setting.  One of the lessons from our photo shoot was combining natural sunset light with artificial diffused light boxes.  And of course we mixed in a smoke machine for extra atmosphere.  Thanks to Anna, Stephanie, and Carl for modeling. Photo credit (top to bottom): Matt Abbas, Micah Dozier (2), Haley Mewborn, Anna Phillips, Hannah Pike, Haley Mewborn, Lindsay New, Tia Sewell, Jym Davis (2).  All images copyright to the photographers 2016.



Congratulations Senior Art Majors

The Spring of 2016 was a big semester for our Art and Graphic Design majors.  We inducted 19 students into the Kappa Pi international art honors fraternity.  This was our largest induction group ever.  Reinhardt University Kappa Pi President Melissa Martinez oversaw the induction ceremony.  IMG_9353

Kappa Pi 2016 inductees

In addition to our Kappa Pi induction we also had four successful senior art shows at the Fincher Art Building featuring seven graduates.  These shows included a wide variety of themes and media, ranging from traditional darkroom photography to painting, screen printing, ceramics, and digital illustration.

Em Harris, Kelsey Swofford, and Melissa Martinez at their art show opening
Ceramic heads by Em Harris
Opening night for Kelsey Swofford, Em Harris, & Melissa Martinez
Jamie Corrado with her hand dyed & screen printed shirts
Greek Goddess paintings by Emily Bowman


Hestia – Greek Goddess by Emily Bowman

Digital Innovations: Inspiration Technology Event

Last Friday the Communication & Media Studies and Art Department co-sponsored a very special event at the Falany Performing Arts Center. Students were treated to five excellent guest speakers.  First to speak was John DeMicco, a Senior Audio Designer, who discussed the history of technological and digital innovation at his place of employment CNN.
Next Brian Frey, a Reinhardt University Graduate, discussed BrailleTouch, a revolutionary iPhone app for the blind community that allows the visually impaired to type using braille on a touchscreen and paste the text into any application on an iPhone.  Brian worked on the team that devised and created this groundbreaking app.  Brian described the emotional moment when a sight-impaired user experimented with his iPhone app for the first time.
Next Kiel Schultheiss described the history of 3D printing and discussed opening his own printing service shop in Atlanta.  He talked about the 3D revolution which includes the creation of everything from  military machine parts to cars and houses.  After the lecture event, Kiel demonstrated 3D printing and continued teaching about the process in the FPAC lobby.
Event organizer Lauren Hasty then discussed her experiences working as the Digital Communications Manager at the well known Poilâne Bakery in France.  Lauren worked with digital communications for 8 years in Paris, France.  She told an interesting anecdote about the bakery’s connection to Salvador Dali.
Finally, IT Director of Planning and Strategic Initiatives at Georgia State University Gregori Faroux delivered an honest and motivating speech about what it takes to succeed in the digital field.  “Learn Code!” he advised the audience.  Gregori discussed several ways for a job seeker to stand out among competitors.  He also outlined the interesting process by which Georgia State designs and tests the school website.
Thanks to all of the participants who devoted their time, energy, and expertise to our lecture event.

Digital Photography: Model & Masks

A big part of our ART 261: Digital Photography class is learning to work with models.  This session focused on one of our favorite props: masks.  Here are a few student examples from our evening class.  All images were taken at beautiful Lake Mullenix behind the Fincher Art Building at Reinhardt University.  Thanks to Alicia Bland for patiently modeling for our class.  Photo examples top to bottom by: Taylor Baker, Katie Hale, Roger Herrera (2), Clayton Smith (2), Emily Bowman, Sarah Ellis, and Caitlin Spradley.  All images copyright to the photographers.
sunsetkatie hale
Emily Bowman


Smoke and Lights

Featured Class:  DIGITAL PHOTOGRAPHY.  This course introduces digital imaging technology within the context of contemporary photographic practice.  Students will work with models, learn about lighting techniques, study contemporary photography, and (most importantly) learn to tell stories through their images.
smoke and lightsDemo image and examples from class:  (top to bottom) Ruth, by Jym Davis, Harlequin Mask by Jon O’Quinn, Skater Boy by Lauren Hopper. All images copyright and courtesy of the artists.

ruth mask boy